Image of Dryer Balls-Set of 2

Dryer Balls-Set of 2


Triple felted handmade wool Dryer Balls are an amazing eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets. Laundry dries faster as the natural wool wicks away moisture. Dryer Balls reduce static like dryer sheets do, but without the chemicals. All of the bouncing around in your dryer softens the fibers in your clothes replacing the need for fabric softener. Scent lasts 2-4 loads then super easy to re-scent with your favorite essential oil. Just squeeze a few drops onto each ball and let set for 10 minutes... good as new. Made from 100% natural triple felted wool so making them safe for babies and pets. Best of all... your laundry will smell fresh, feel better, dry faster, and look great without adding any hazardous chemicals of pesticides!

Each ball is roughly the size of a tennis ball. Please select color via drop down menu.

Set of 2 in one color.