Polaris-Fixation Necklace


  • Image of Polaris-Fixation Necklace

Perfect everyday necklace! 17" gold filled chain with a clear quartz drop. Handmade in Brooklyn, New York using sustainable practices and materials

Image of Fifty/Fifty Earrings
Fifty/Fifty Earrings
Image of Big X Studs
Big X Studs
Image of Stick Studs Tiny, Standard, or Long
Stick Studs Tiny, Standard, or Long
Image of Mobile No. 1 Necklace
Mobile No. 1 Necklace
Image of Tumble-Tube Necklace
Tumble-Tube Necklace
Image of Lucky Studs
Lucky Studs
Image of Herkimer Diamond Studs
Sold out
Herkimer Diamond Studs
Image of Squiggle Studs
Squiggle Studs
Image of Teeny Tiny Circle Studs
Teeny Tiny Circle Studs
Image of 'U' Earrings-Rose Gold
'U' Earrings-Rose Gold
Image of Small V Necklace
Small V Necklace
Image of 5 Dots Necklace
5 Dots Necklace
Image of Double Hugger Earrings
Double Hugger Earrings
Image of Teeny Tiny Triangle Studs
Teeny Tiny Triangle Studs
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