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Lohn Candles


These candles are the best! Incredibly fresh scents and very pretty packaging.

Hand poured by Lohn in their Toronto studio.

7.5 oz, 50-hour burn.

Made With:
- Layered, phthalate-free scent with strong throw
- Sustainable coconut and soy wax for clean, slow burn
- Minimal glass vessel that is food grade, reusable and recyclable
- Non-toxic, lead-free cotton wick
- Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free ingredients

Choose from:

Jaro - Smells like spring among the orange trees. Refreshing orange flower, woody petitgrain, fruity ylang ylang and a spritz of mandarin.

Dym - Smells like a campfire in autumn. Fresh spruce, sweet birch, deep cedar, and whispers of pine, surrounded by aromatic woodsmoke.

Zima - Smells like a cup of spiced black tea. Bright bergamot, aromatic black tea, fragrant clove, a kick of black pepper, rounded by crisp bayberry.

Oro - Smells like a mountainside wildflower garden. Elegant jasmine, rosy pink pepper, warm chamomile, and a splash of citrus, all mellowed by cozy amber.

Jura - Smells like a morning walk on a rainy coastline. Refreshing lemon and bergamot, cooling eucalyptus, rich sandalwood and cedarwood, with a touch of warm amber.