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Lohn - Essential Oil Blend / Ceramic Scent Pebble Diffuser


These little blended essential oil bottles and ceramic diffusers from Lohn make the perfect gift. Sprinkle 5-10 drops of essential oil onto the ceramic pebble and enjoy where you need it most.

Sold separately.

Choose from:

Sur - Rise up with an energizing 100% essential oil blend of woody cedar, sweet frankincense, floral palmarosa, sunny tangerine and sweet ylang ylang.

Oest - Find focus with a 100% essential oil blend of citrusy bergamot, spicy black pepper, fresh rosemary, stimulating clary sage, and earthy vetiver.

Nord - Detoxify and de-stress with a clarifying 100% essential oil blend of resiny balsam fir, earthy cedar leaf, energizing black spruce, peppery fennel, and crisp pine.

Este - Discover calm with this relaxing, 100% essential oil blend of floral lavender, soft chamomile, earthy patchouli, tart petitgrain, and bright grapefruit.

Oils are hand poured in Toronto / 0.5 fl oz, 15 ml.
Bisque fired stoneware scent pebbles are made in Canada